def piece_of_code; end

Docker PostgreSQL | How To Backup/Restore

Without getting into the container, there is a way to backup/restore your postgres db: Backup docker exec -t YOUR_DB_CONTAINER pg_dumpall -c -U postgres > dump_`date +%d-%m-%Y"_"%H_%M_%S`.sql Restore cat your_dump_file.sql | docker exec -i your-db-container psql -U postgres


Whether I believe privacy is a right or not, Whether I believe privacy matters, I do think in coding privacy, or rather say S.O.L.I.D., is a good thing, I, for one, believe it. I recently using a well-know patter or best practice around #gophers. The only

Iteration à la Redux

I usually start coding (test) with a simple train of thought and let my mind to guide through the process. There are usually many iteration but in the end, most of the time, something good happen. The following express the aforementioned way better: I suggest you to start building your

Hacking with Manjaro | Tools Installation

In a past post I briefly talked about i3, a super minimal window manager. Today, in another briefly post, I'll talk about how to install hacking tools in Manjaro. I decided to use manjaro (i3wm version) to avoid to configure i3 in Kali Linux. Kali gave me all the tools


The idea or fact of how fragile reality of being a self is the most beautiful I have ever felt. Yes, I wrote felt and not saw. There is a reason for that but that is for another post. Right now what I want to blah about is Null Pattern


I run an experiment in the current company I'm working on. The experiment consist of the following: A two-week hack sprint where two person, the CTO and myself, will code a MVP for one of the in-house projects we have. The rules where as follow: No cellphone. No social media,


So far I have had a few interviews (~36). All of them to be relocated to another country, mostly in Europe. Because of that the requirements are high (and understandable since it's a big investment that the company will need to do). 'Til now, I have failed in many different

Ultron | Designs

A few days ago was my turn to show something at the Golang Local meetup. The idea was to start something that it would consist of some slides and real-time coding. What I had in mind was to create a product that by the end of a few meet-ups we